How do scientists work?

How do scientists work?

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Have you ever watched a movie that had a crazy scientist? Perhaps because of the image of these films, many people think that scientists are fantastic beings, geniuses or crazy people that make everything explode.

So let's discuss who scientists are and what their role is in our society.

Scientists are tasked with observing, researching, classifying methods and, in collaboration with other professionals, such as laboratory technicians and university students, create effective tools for better understanding nature, especially living beings and their interactions with scientists. the environment.

Here are some scientists coming into history.

Scientific method

Scientists have a working method - the scientific method. This is divided into steps:

  1. Observe a fact (or a phenomenon) and collect the data.
  2. Raise a problem (a question or a question).
  3. Formulate a hypothesis (a possible answer to the problem).
  4. Perform controlled experiments.
  5. Evaluate the experiments and if necessary retest.
  6. Draw conclusions

Scientists are researchers who, through the scientific method, seek answers to questions related to us and the world around us. In general, several answers to the same question can be found.