Is there a superterm combining “animal line” and “cell line” in disease models?

Is there a superterm combining “animal line” and “cell line” in disease models?

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Biologists researching diseases will frequently use animal models. The way I understand it, there are species of animals, such as "mouse", and lines of mice, such asBlack six,NMRIor also genetically engineered lines likeB6.Cg-Tg(CAG-cre/Esr1*)5Amc/J. But they also sometimes take cell lines such asHeLaand transplant them into animals, or treat them in vitro.

Is there a word which covers both "animal line" and "cell line" and is in widespread use? I thought that "model organism" would be a good way to express it, but a biologist working in disease models told me that when she hears that, she only thinks of animals, never of cell lines. She wasn't able to come up with a term which covers both. Her best try was "experimental system", but she conceded that, if used out of context, no biologist would recognize that it is about animal and cell lines.

There is no super-term that I can think of but you could say genetically modified (mouse) samples/specimens?


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