Contraceptive methods (contraceptives)

Contraceptive methods (contraceptives)

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From puberty, the body of boys and girls is able to bear children. But having children is a very serious decision.

Caring for a child requires conditions that adolescents often lack. Babies and children need constant care, caring and guidance from responsible adults with available time and financial conditions to raise them.

Creating, educating and supporting a person is a huge responsibility.

Anyone who wants to have sex but does not want to risk a pregnancy needs to use some contraceptive or contraceptive method. The couple should talk clearly about how to avoid pregnancy. And this needs to be done before the first sexual intercourse. Then it may be late.

It's the woman who gets pregnant, but she doesn't get pregnant alone! The responsibility lies with the couple. If partners can't talk about it, it's not time for them to have sex.

That is why you talk to your partner and to choose by mutual agreement a contraceptive method is very important when you want to have sex with no pregnancy in sight.

Before starting a sexual relationship, however, a woman needs to consult with a gynecologist. If the partner can go along, the better. The doctor will explain the appropriate methods to the couple and give the necessary guidance.

What contraceptive methods are available?

Contraceptive methods can be didactically divided into: behavioral, barrier, intrauterine device (IUD), hormonal and surgical methods.

The choice of contraceptive method should always be personalized, taking into account factors such as age, number of children, understanding and tolerance of the method, desire for future procreation and the presence of chronic diseases that may worsen with the use of a particular method. . Since all methods have their limitations, it is important that we know what they are so that eventually we can choose one of the methods.

However, guidance on contraceptive methods should emphasize need of double protection (contraception and prevention against STDs and HIV / AIDS), showing the importance of barrier methods such as male or female condoms.