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Monkeys use scientists as a "shield" to escape predators

Samango monkeys realize that when they are close to humans, their predators keep their distance

Researchers at Durham University analyzed the habits of Samango monkeys in Africa when they noticed that the animals were not only aware of their presence, but also used it to their advantage. How? They realized that while they were close to humans, predators stayed away.

During the research in the mountainous Soutspanberg region, scientists conducted a series of experiments. To test the logical capacity of the monkeys, they left food containers in the mountain trees. The pots were distributed from the base of the tree to its top, with the intention of understanding the fear of the animals, as the closer they are to the ground, the closer they are to predators like the leopard.

The result of the research concluded that the closer to the ground, the fuller the pots became, the higher the pot became more empty. All of this made a lot of sense, but what researchers at Durham University did not expect was to be part of the tests. From the original result, they realized that when they were near the forest, the pots of the lower areas emptied.

In other words, monkeys began to combine the idea of ​​safety with humans. For the more movement in such a region, the harder it is for any leopard to attempt to attack the samangos. So, only we who observe the behaviors of our primate friends?