200-year-old giant salamander discovered in cave in China

Species are one of the oldest in the world; today it is in danger of extinction.

An animal from the cryptobranch family, known in Portuguese as giant salamander, was found in a cave near Chongqing, China, and is causing astonishment to scholars for its good condition.

It is estimated that the huge specimen - about 1.3 meters long and 52 kilograms - is already around two hundred years old. This is particularly intriguing as giant salamanders are in danger of extinction in China due to climate change. Another risk factor is the fact that they are considered luxury delicacies and raw material of certain medicinal traditions of the country: some say that their skin contains excellent substances for anti-aging treatments for humans. Due to excessive hunting, the giant salamander is a species protected by the government today.

Animal is being analyzed by researchers.

Giant salamanders have been around for 170 million years - they are one of the oldest animals in the world, having lived with dinosaurs. Such a discovery is really exciting for the Chinese scientific community - which has a lot to learn in terms of wildlife conservation.