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Matter and its properties

Chemistry is the science that studies the constitution of matter, its internal structure, the relationships between the various types of materials found in nature, and determines their properties, whether physical - such as color, melting point, density. , etc. - or chemical, which are the transformations of one substance into another.

Matter, Body and Object

We call matter everything that has mass occupies a place in space and can therefore be somehow measured. For example: wood, aluminum, iron, air, etc.

Body is a limited portion of matter and object It is a body made for a particular purpose.

Paraffin block is a body

The candle is an object

In short, we can say that iron is matter, an iron bar is a body, and an iron gate is an object.

Properties of Matter

Matter has several properties that are classified into general, functional and specific.

General Properties of Matter

They are common to any kind of matter, regardless of the substance from which it is made. The main ones are: mass, extension, impenetrability, divisibility, compressibility and elasticity.


Mass is a property of bodies related to the amount of matter the body has.

It is a greatness that can be measured. The standard measurement used to measure mass is the kilogram (kg)according to International System of Units (SI). Gram (g) is a unit of mass derived from the kilogram, and is used to measure small amounts of mass.

The balance is the instrument used to measure mass.

Dish scale

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