Weather Stations

Weather Stations

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Meteorological stations record and analyze changes in atmospheric conditions using equipment they use, such as thermometers, hygrometers, anemometers, rainfall, etc.

In these stations the meteorologists work, professionals who study, among other things, the atmospheric conditions. Meteorologists rely on information captured by weather satellites and radiosondes.

The weather satellites they are located at various points in space, they capture images of the earth's surface and atmospheric layers and can show the formation and displacement of clouds and cold or hot fronts.

At radiosondes They are devices that emit radio signals. They are carried by balloons and their function is to measure the pressure, humidity, and temperature of the upper layers of the atmosphere. There are airplanes that also collect and send information about weather conditions.

From weather stations, technicians send weather data to weather districts or institutes to make weather forecasts for different regions.

In Brazil there is the Inmet - National Institute of Meteorology it's the Inpe - National Institute for Space Researchwhere predictions are made that require greater data accuracy.

Information about the weather in the various regions of Brazil, released by the news, is obtained from these institutes or similar ones.